Top 10 School

Vidya Bhavan Public School is one of the TOP 10 Schools in Bareilly. Popularly known as VBPS, the school is a member of Sahodaya. We look forward to developing aspirants physically, emotionally, and intellectually with consciousness towards social obligations, art, culture, music, dance, yoga, and languages. Our passion for providing the best education system has been acquired and over a short span, we rank among the Best school in Bareilly. At VBPS, we foster local and global interactions, establish strong relationships, and enrich lives. The school faculty strives to sustain and epitomize the school’s mission and values, and prepare students in mind character to confidently chase their curiosity and thrive in today’s changing world.

Our Faculty

At Vidya Bhavan Public School, students are surrounded by teachers and mentors who are leading their fields. The faculty members are committed to bringing real-world experience on cutting-edge thought and creativity to the classroom, nurturing a dynamic and demanding academic environment. They encourage students to think historically, broadly, and critically. They create active partnerships


The facility of a school strongly affects the behavior, health, engagement, learning ability, and overall growth of every student. The physical and emotional relations between teachers and students also depend on the facilities available in schools. That being said, VBPS is fully equipped with proper facilities for students and teachers that create a smooth environment.

Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms with requisite furniture, boards, and electrical fittings like lights, fans, and ACs. Clean and hygienic toilets. Accessible drinking water, play areas, laboratories with requisite instruments and equipment, and computers for students are some of the facilities students can avail themselves to learn and experiment with.

In addition, VBPS also facilitates students with a Medical Room, Craft Room, Computer Laboratory, Music Room, Dance Room, Activity Room, Basket Ball Court, Swimming Pool, Football Ground, Cricket Ground, Badminton Court, Taekwondo, Table Tennis Court, Skating, Transport Facility, Library, Biology Laboratory, 3D/2D Smart Classes, Volleyball Court, Physics Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Shooting Academy, and Lawn Tennis Court.